Lenco PTP5 build

I’ve been following the Lenco PTP activities for a long time over at lencoheaven.net. The local DIY guys here had a group buy and I jumped on the order. I got the PTP5 as well as the motor speed controller. It has been a long build process for this. I wanted slate as the plinth, but it is quite difficult to get Walsh slate here. I even sent online queries to UK based suppliers, but they did not even reply. Not one.

In the end, I thought I’d go with Baltic wood. To my surprise, IKEA has a baltic wood counter top, so I dropped by and took a look. Unfortunately, birch is the only available wood. They do not have baltic wood.

So, I got the birch wood top, and had a challenge lugging it home on my own. It took up all the space in my car from passenger side driver seat all the way to the back! One side of my mirror is effectively blocked, and I had to be really careful during corners.

On hindsight, I should have brought the wood for CNC cutting. It’s real tough aligning up the edges when cutting with a jigsaw. But it was all in good fun.

The donor Lenco L75 that i got some time back before even ordering the PTP.


The birch wood counter top.


Cutting it up.



Tracing the PTP5 cut out over carbon paper.


With “pineapple” or e-nuts screwed in.


Aligning up the PTP.


Cutting the hole for the FR64S tonearm.


Applying the epoxy resin.




Next step is to finish up the motor speed controller. 😉



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2 responses to “Lenco PTP5 build

  1. Dre

    Hi. Nice. Could you share how you setup the RCA connectors? Thanks!

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