Building the Amp Camp Amp


There is this interesting post I read on the web about Nelson Pass’s involvement, together with some from the DIY audio community about a newbie amplifier build camp. I first read about this from Make. For more details, the DIY audio article can be found here.

The project seems easy to build, and I just bought 4 pieces of used heatsink from a fellow DIY guy. So this is the perfect excuse to build a discrete class A amplifier! However, boards from DIYaudio seems to be sold out. So I’ll have to wire mine up on a perf board.

I was staring hard at the circuit and the board layout and there is an error on the original pcb boards where P1 is not wired to R3/R4 on the pcb. Although Nelson’s comments on the DIYaudio thread suggests that this is not an issue, I chose to build according to the schematic.

At the moment, I’ve got one channel mostly wired up. Just need to test it when the SMPS power supplies come in.



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3 responses to “Building the Amp Camp Amp

  1. Paul

    Think I might try these also, pair it with the pre amp

  2. I was really surprised how well these work, and the good sound that comes from them. Cheers!

  3. just tested one channel. now to build the other, and then chassis for them. 😉

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