Langkawi Trip


We went on a 4 days holiday to sunny Langkawi. The rays from the sun feels like they are being amplified by a magnifying glass, landing on our backs. Did lots of swimming in the pool and the beach, went go-karting, took the cable car up to the suspension bridge, went island hopping, went to the Underwater World…

It’s past the tourist season and there was not much crowd anywhere. Restaurants are mostly empty except for Orkid Ria. We had dinner there one of the days and there was this singing and music in the background. I went to see if there was someone next door singing, and it turns out to be a cd playing from the restaurant. I asked them for the artist and they told me the cd is “Best of Noon”. Ok… quite skeptical that there is such an artist, but I managed to find one such cd from Gramaphone.

I got the last Noon – Better Than Anything cd. The thing that caught me is Noon‘s different rendition of the jazz usuals that I heard in the restaurant. Hope this cd is just as good. Have not had a chance to listen to it yet.

More pics of the trip can be found here.


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