Kranji War Memorial


First time to this place. It’s actually the State Cemetery and War Memorial next to each other.

Wife says the shots are too dark and not sharp… 😦

Pics at dropbox.


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Aperture Priority

Read Thorsten Overgaard‘s pages and found out that he actually preferred to shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Thus, tried shooting with Aperture Priority today. It’s so much better! One less control to fiddle with. Most times, shutter speed is just adjusted to get exposure correct. Or when deliberately requiring a fast speed to freeze action or a slow one to portray movement.

Here’s some shots of the SAF50@Vivo. Most shots are in f2.0. A mix of ISO160 and 640 (mostly indoors).



















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With Lightroom, it’s easy to apply B&W filters and check the results on the fly. This is one of the DNG shots from the camera. One of my first shots developed in Lightroom using the built-in B&W filter.


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Snap snap snap


That’s what’s keeping me busy nowadays.

A M8 with a Summicron 35mm lens. My first foray into cameras would be the Nikon FM2 which I “borrowed” from my Dad. That must be around 25 years ago. Solid metal feel, fully manual, controlling aperture, shutter speed and focus. That’s the kind of camera that I grew up using.

Then came the digital era and I had a couple of consumer and prosumer cameras from Minolta, Nikon, Ricoh and Canon. The DSLR that I went with was a Canon 350D as a compromise on size. I could, however, not get the results that I wanted with it. And the plasticky feel left much to be desired.

So, after many years away from photos, and just settling with using iPhone and nothing else much, I decided it is time to go back when I saw the Leica T. Researching around, I ended up the the M8 as the price of one used is pretty decent. Then came the tougher decision of the lens to go with it. There were so many options for a M mount. Voigtlander seem to be decently priced. Zeiss had good options too. I looked around, and bit the bullet with a used Summicron 35mm. The condition is not tip top. But these old lens are still sought after and produces really good images. Btw, it is the version 4 lens. The so called “King of Bokeh”.

Below are some shots I took. Initially I had to get used to going fully manual again. First two shots were dud as I forgot to set the shutter speed after focusing the range finder. I thought I set the camera for DNG output. Somehow my SD card has JPG. So, these are not edited in any way.

my cat napping as usual


squinting in the sunlight


trying to nap again on the chair


my daughter practicing panio


snacking as usual



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No more DIY?

A fellow DIYer commented that I’ve less posts nowadays… Well, there’s nothing much to blog about other than the DIY L75 build, which took a long time.

During the same time frame, I was in Tokyo and did some shopping for parts. I visited Sun Audio in Akiba and got a pair of F-2007. I would have loved to bring back a pair of the F900 series output transformers but the total weight would be too much for me to lug around in my Tumi backpack. Not to mention deforming the shape of the bag which the F-2007 did easily.

I had the chance to listen to Sun Audio’s 50 Parallel SET monos (still not listed on their site as of this writing). These guys sounded really very good on small speakers and large ones too. They also kindly gave me the MJ Audio magazine where these amps were featured. 🙂

I got the Tone Factory high voltage capacitors from Andix. It’s probably the cheapest in Akiba as I walked around a few shops, although not for comparing prices, but more for taking in the DIY sights. Andix happened to have the lowest prices for the Tone Factory caps though.

I also got some 1k resistors with gold lead out. It’s some odd material that I though looked kinda cool. Can’t translate the japanese words and have not used it yet, so no comments on the sound. 1k can be used in most generic situations. Like perhaps a grid stopper.

IMG_5898  IMG_5897

And why “No more DIY?” as the title of the post? Well… sadly, I moved all my stuff into cold storage. Literally… into an air-conditioned warehouse. Giving up the room for my son. He’s excited to have a room all to himself.

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Lenco PTP5 build

I’ve been following the Lenco PTP activities for a long time over at The local DIY guys here had a group buy and I jumped on the order. I got the PTP5 as well as the motor speed controller. It has been a long build process for this. I wanted slate as the plinth, but it is quite difficult to get Walsh slate here. I even sent online queries to UK based suppliers, but they did not even reply. Not one.

In the end, I thought I’d go with Baltic wood. To my surprise, IKEA has a baltic wood counter top, so I dropped by and took a look. Unfortunately, birch is the only available wood. They do not have baltic wood.

So, I got the birch wood top, and had a challenge lugging it home on my own. It took up all the space in my car from passenger side driver seat all the way to the back! One side of my mirror is effectively blocked, and I had to be really careful during corners.

On hindsight, I should have brought the wood for CNC cutting. It’s real tough aligning up the edges when cutting with a jigsaw. But it was all in good fun.

The donor Lenco L75 that i got some time back before even ordering the PTP.


The birch wood counter top.


Cutting it up.



Tracing the PTP5 cut out over carbon paper.


With “pineapple” or e-nuts screwed in.


Aligning up the PTP.


Cutting the hole for the FR64S tonearm.


Applying the epoxy resin.




Next step is to finish up the motor speed controller. 😉


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Siemens z2c full wave rectifiers

These guys are huge. Look at the difference between them and the z2b!


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